Romantic garden

For the new round of the Cosmopolitan event, GOOSE created this Trellis garden deco set. A great set of different trellies to make your garden look amazing. Also in the set a deco pot and a firebowl.

The bench with lantern and poses is the newest release from Serenity Style and can be found at the Cupid INC event.

Trellis garden deco set: GOOSE @ Cosmopolitan

After the event it will be available in the mainstore

Romance garden bench: Serenity Style @ Cupid INC

"Romantic garden...."

Cozy winter

A beautiful new set of bento couple poses from the B(u)Y ME Poses. 6 gorgeous poses incl. the bench to make lovely memories. You will find this set at the Winter Spirit event.

Pose with bench: Cozy winter – B(u)Y ME @ Winter Spirit

"Cozy winter...."

Autumn arrived

For the new autumn season AND the new round of Shiny Shabby, Chez Moi created this really lovely bench with pillows and blanket for us. There’s a colourhud in the folder to change the colour of the blanket.

The bench comes with a lot of single en couple poses and animations.

The hair is called Harmony and comes from one of my favorite stores Stealthic.

Bench: Elora – Chez Moi @ Shiny Shabby

Hair: Harmony – Stealthic

"Autumn arrived...."

Harvest bench

I think everyone is looking forward to the autumn season with its beautiful colours, so am I.

For the new round of TLC, Serenity Style created this lovely harvest bench for us with the little stool, to decorate your sim/land in autumn style.

Lilly harvest bench: Serenity Style @ TLC

"Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn...."

Potter’s Cottage

After a little break HISA is back with a really beautiful new release. This potter’s cottage/garden guesthouse with recycled windows is created for the new round of the Uber Hometowns event. The vines and lightgreen bushes are also from HISA and available at the same event. So you have a great house, vines and bushes to landscape your land in beautiful way.

The swing is one of the newest creations of Serenity Style, called Eleonora swing bench.

Potter’s cottage & Vines & bushes – HISA @ Uber Hometown event

Eleonora swing bench – Serenity Style

Lost in you

A beautiful bento couple pose, this pose with bench called “lost in you”. This pose is available at the Flourish event at a reduced price.

The outfit, jeans and sweater, are the newest release from LRD specially for the 2Much event. Available in different colours/textures.

Couple pose: Lost in you – Diversion @ Flourish

Outfit: Lucy – LRD @ 2Much

Chez Moi @ Très Chic

A lovely new decoration from Chez Moi, this Trellis bench for the Très Chic event. This bench has 82 animations in PG version and 146 animations in Adult version. Also 16 female and 16 male single poses. The Trellis bench has a colourhud for 5 different colours of the wood.


Furniture: Trellis bench – Chez Moi @ Très Chic



Garden deco…

In this pic I show you 2 new releases from Serneity Style and 1 from GOOSE. For the Man cave event, Serenity Style made this lovely Gilligan Dovecotset for us. The home and the doves are a really nice decoration for your land.

For the new round of Uber, she made this beautiful picnictable with cuddles and solo animations. Also in the set the suitcase with accessory’s that can also be purchased seperately.

In front of the picnic table you see a lovely path of wooden hearts. This is the newest release from GOOSE and can be found at this round of the Cosmopolitan event.


Gilligan Dove set – Serenity Style @ Man Cave

Spring picnic set – Serenity Style @ Uber

Path of Hope – GOOSE @ Cosmopolitan