Tuftytime Bedroom

One of the newest releases from Chez Moi is this beautiful bedroomset, that you can find at the new round of the Access event. A bed with so many single and couple bento poses/animations and a colourhud to change all parts of the bed. Also included in the set are the bedside tables and theContinue reading “Tuftytime Bedroom”

The bedroom

For this round of the Très Chic event, Chez Moi created this “golden badroom” for us. A very special detailed bed that comes with a lot of bento animations, 114 in PG version and 188 in adult version. There are aslo 24 single poses for men and women and 14 sleeping together animations for underContinue reading “The bedroom”

Holiday feeling

With these items from Serenity Style and Chez Moi, you will really get that summerfeeling. The building with small pool and vases is the new release from Serenity Style for the Belle event. The daybed under the pergola is also form Serenity Style and can be found at the Unik event. The Bermuda patio setContinue reading “Holiday feeling”


This Hora bedroom set is the newest release from GOOSE, until today available at the Cosmopolitan event. After the event it will be available at the mainstore. The recordplayer is the RARE of a gacha from Serenity Style at TLC.   Bedroom set: Hora – GOOSE @ Cosmopolitan   (mainstore) Record player: Sady Vintage VinylContinue reading “Bedroom”

Adore King bed set

A beautiful new release from Chez Moi, this “Adore King bed set”, available at the Cosmopolitan event. The bed comes with a colorhud for the sheets/blankets/pillows . The vase, decor and frame can be sold with the set or separate.   Furniture: Adore King bed set – Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan  

Ultra – Part 2

Today some other awesome new releases from creators you will find at the Ultra event. Chez Moi created an awesome rounded bed in Adult and PG version with a colorhud to change the colors of the pillows. The outfit is the newest release from Rayns, called No.22 suit, available in different colors.   Furniture: roundedContinue reading “Ultra – Part 2”