Summer beach

Another beautiful new release from DaD, this Summer beach set for the Summerfest event, that starts today. A great decor set to upgrade your land/sim and have a good time at the beach. The saw palmetto’s are another release from DaD, that I blogged before. Perfect palmetto’s for your beach with sound on/off and wind on/off, like in RL.

Summer beach decor set: DaD @ Summerfest ’22

Saw palmetto’s: DaD @ Collabor88

"Summer beach...."

Ratan love seat

For the running round of the Cosmopolitan event, GOOSE created this ratan love seat for us. A great piece of furniture with single and couple poses. Perfect to rezz on your land/sim and enjoy alone of with your lover. The ratan is in 3 colours and there’s also a colourhud to change the texture/colours of the pillows.

Ratan love seat: GOOSE @ Cosmopolitan

After the event, this item will be available in the mainstore

"Ratan love seat....."

Life at the beach

For the new round of the Collabor99 event, DaD created this awesome Saw Palmetto set for us. This set comes in different sizes/circles and lines and is perfect to decorate your beach.

You can touch the trunk of the palmetto to active a menu with options as wind on/off, sound on/off and also the option to in- and decrease the size.

And for in the water, this great vintage summer raft from Serenity Style to enjoy the life on the water, alone, with friends or partner. This raft can be found in the mainstore for the Wanderlust weekend for only L$ 50.

Saw Palmetto set: DaD @ Collabor88 (after the event in the mainstore)

Vintage summer raft: Serenity Style for Wanderlust

"Life at the beach...."

First days at the beach

For the Cosmopolitan event, LW Poses created a set of 3 bento single poses with mirrored ones for us. A beautiful set for the beach days to make great pics.

Also included in the set are the fence, rocks and grass to complete the set.

Poseset: first days at the beach – LW Poses @ Cosmopolitan

"First days at the beach...."


For this round of the Cosmopolitan event, |T|L|C| created this beautiful set of avocets for us. The avocets come in different colours and poses and also included a crab to complete the animals at your beach.

Avocet: |T|L|C| @ Cosmopolitan

"Avocets & crabs....."

By the seaside

For the new round of the Arcade event, that will start the 1st of June, Serenity Style created this awesome set called “by the seaside”. A beautiful beachset for decorating your land/sim for the warm summerdays.

By the seaside: Serenity Style @ Arcade

"By the seaside...."

Beach o clock

For the upcoming weekend, B(u)Y ME created a beautiful set of single bento poses for us, specially for the Sales Room. A great set of poses and mirrored ones for making awesome pics at the beach.

Pose: Beach o Clock – B(u)Y ME @ Sales Room

"The sun on my skin....."

Beachwalk cottage

An really awesome new release from DaD, this beachwalk cottage set. A complete set with the stairs, pier and cottage for a beautiful decoration on your land/sim and perfect for relaxing and having fun with friends.

After the event it will be available at the mainstore, where you can find a lot more beautiful items.

Beachwalk cottage set: DaD @ Fameshed

"Beachwalk cottage...."

Beach home

I am so happy and proud to be the new blogger of Scarlet Creative. I think I have halve of her houses in my invent and always use them, when I change my land.

One of my favorites is the Cannes beach house, a beautiful open house with many windows to feel one with the sea. Enough space for a huge livingroom with fireplaces, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a beautiful stone floor to enjoy outside. Only 75 prims for this huge and beautiful house.

The sunloungers with umbrella is the newest release from GOOSE. When you sit on the sunlounger, a menu pops up to change the colour/texture of the bed.

The car with windsurfboards and the standard with surfboards are a release from Serenity Style.

House: Cannes beach house – Scarlet Creative

Pool sunloungers with umbrella: GOOSE @ Cosmopolitan

  • The set from GOOSE will be at the mainstore after the event.

"Home at the beach...."


Beaching, the title of the newest set of props/poses from LW Poses for the Cosmopolitan event. This set comes incl. the beachchair with towel and also included a colourhud to change the fabric of the chair and the towel.

Prop/pose: Beachning – LW Poses @ Cosmopolitan