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Serenity Style

2 Awesome new releases from Serenity Style, specially for decorating your beach.

For the new round of Deco(c)rate, Serenity released these awesome beach huts in 3 colors.

For the upcoming event The Liaison Collaborative, some really beautiful furniture, also for the beach. A baywatch tower, beachbed and lamps.

Both releases are great to decorate your beach.


Iri beach but – Serenity Style for Deco(c)rate

Chris summer collection – Serenity Style @ TLC



Serenity Style @ Madpae hunt

Madpae has a great summer hunt at the moment. Go buy a hud (only 100 LS) and search for shells on all sims over SL. The hud will show you on the radar where you can find the shells and take you to the next sim.

With his hunt you can earn a lot of prices. One of the prices  you can win, are these great beach items from Serenity Style.

Here is the info about the hunt: http://www.madpeagames.com/summer-hunt/



GOOSE @ Cosmopolitan

A great beachlounger with towel, sidetable and magazines, this new release from GOOSE, specially made for the new round of Cosmopolitan. The sidetable with magazines it not on the pic, but is included.

This beach lounger comes with a colorhud to change the color of the blanket and the pillows and has a lot of single and couple poses.


Furniture: Beach lounger – GOOSE @ Cosmopolitan