Kopfkino @ Cupid’s Fault by Access

For the Cupid’s Fault by Access event, Kopfkino created this really awesome set for us. This set comes with the bathrub with poses, thrown towel, frame, towel rail and washing table. A great set to decorate your home to make a beautiful bathroom. Castamar bathroom set: Kopfkino @ Cupid’s fault event

Bathing time

A beautiful set to decorate your bathroom in your house, this new bathset from Chez Moi for the Cosmopolitan event. A complete set with a lot of single and couple poses for in the bathtub or at the washing desk. You can see here a lot of the poses single and couple and also theContinue reading “Bathing time”

Thor & Pseudo & LW Poses

For this round of Kustom9, Thor created this really awesome gacha for us. This set called Amalfi has the cabana and the Lemonade Prep Board as the RARE items, but also the other items are great for decoration. At the Epiphany event you will find the Lush Robe Lara White (RARE) and a headtowel, fromContinue reading “Thor & Pseudo & LW Poses”

Pacific bathroom

A beautiful new release from Chez Moi for the Cosmopolitan event, this Pacific bathroom set. A great set of furniture to complete/decorate the bathroom in your house. The bathtub comes with 74 animations in PG version and 134 animations in Adult version and 22 single animations (male/female)   Furniture: Pacific bathroom – Chez Moi @Continue reading “Pacific bathroom”