Enjoying a sunny afternoon…

Amitie made a really beautiful posepack with gardenbench for us, incl. the hortensia’s, hat on the bench and the basket with flowers. This set has a lot of single and couple poses, awesome for making pics and rezz on your land.

Pose: Garden bench – Amitie @ Uber

LRD & Amitie

For the Designers Showcase LRD created this really lovely outfit for us women. A short dress and jacket, available in different colours.

The sunflower and pose are from an older set from Amitie Poses, available in the mainstore.

Outfit: Aly – LRD for Designers Showcase

Pose with sunflower – Amitie

Ice skating

A wonderfull winterday, time for iceskating. This pose incl. the ice skates is one of the gacha poses from Amitie for the new round of the Epiphany event.

The cozy winter coat is a release from Giz Seorn, available in the mainstore.

Pose with skates – Amitie @ Epiphany

Cozy winter coat – Giz seorn

Weekend started

My weekend started, time to relax and make some blogposts. At the Equal10 event you will find a great set of poses from Amitie. When you buy the fatpack, a bed is included in the set. For the single poses there’s a mug.

Pose: Cozy bed – Amitie @ Equal10

Shopping day

For the new round of Cosmopolitan, Giz Seorn created this cute and lovely knitted top for us. Available in different colours/textures. The pose with shopping bags is one of the newest releases from Amitie Poses, that can be found at the Très Chic event. There’s a complete set of different bento poses with the bags.

Top: Maisy – Giz Seorn @ Cosmopolitan

Pose with bags: Shopping day – Amitie Poses @ Très Chic

Feeling good

At the mainstore of Giz Seorn, you will find this cute short skirt in many different colours/textures. There will always be one that fitts with the rest of your outfit. The pose with apple basket is another lovely gacha from Amitie Poses for this round of the Epiphany event.

Skirt: Harper – Giz Seorn

Pose: Apple basket – Amitie @ Epiphany