At the street – part 1

Tomorrow the doors will open again for the new round of the Arcade gacha event. One of the most popular events, to grab the gacha’s you like.

One of the participants is Amitie with a really beautiful set of single and couple bento poses. 11 commons and 1 rare item, btu believe me, all the commons are great to have and to make pics with.

Today I will show you the first one, because I know I will make more pics with all these great poses.

Pose: At the street nr. 7 – Amitie @ Arcade

"At the street - part 1...."

Casa Palma

Casa Palma, the name of this really awesome new release from Amitie. A beautiful mediterranean villa with a lot of rooms, swimmingpool and patio. The perfect house for you. This house has 2 options, with and without curtains.

So grab the taxi below and buy this villa.

Casa Palma – Amitie @ Uber

"Casa Palma....."

No Match @ Uber

Look at this beautiful new release from No Match, this hair called No Theory. This rigged mesh hair comes with the option to wear it with the little flowers in the long braid. This lovely hair is incl. a messy bun.

Hair: No Theory – No Match @ Uber

"Sometimes in the waves of change we find our true direction...."

In the sun

“In the sun”, the title of a beautiful new set of single bento poses from LW Poses. This set,that can be found at the TLC event, is incl. the rock with flowers around it. A great set of poses for making pics.

The top is a lovely release from Tres Blah, called Siempre.

The beautiful long hair is from Stealthic and can be found in the mainstore.

Pose: In the sun – LW Poses @ TLC

Top: Siempre – Tres Blah

Hair: Secret – Stealthic

"In the sun....."


At this round of the Kustom9 event, you will find 2 awesome releases from Stealthic. One of them is this cute long hair with half-up pigtails. There’s also an option to wear this hair with long bangs.

Hair: Beloved – Stealthic @ Kustom9


Kuni & LW Poses

Yesterday a friend of mine told me he was at a hairstore and he knows how addicted I am to hair. He gave me the LM of the store and yesterday I had my first visit there. I saw this beautiful (halve) short hair that I really needed to have.

I made a pic with this hair including a pose of one of the latest beautiful sets of poses from LW Poses. A great set for using in your pics.

Hair: Regina – Kuni

Pose: Elegance – LW Poses

"Not everyone deserves to know the real you. Let them criticize who they think you are....."