Alone time

Today a blogpost at home, enjoying time for myself, music and blogging.

I’m sitting on the pier from Amitie, a great item to rezz on your land. The pier is including the 2 chairs, the fireplace (it’s just behind me, so not on the pic) and a box with wood. The chairs are incl. single and couple poses/animations.

The outfit of cuffed jeans and the T-shirt are both items from Tres Blah, both with a great colourhud (T-shirt also has different textures/texts).

The hair with hairband is from Mina, lovely hair with a stylinghud with different colours for the hairband.

And what would my home be without furry friends. You all know my little beagle, my companion for pics. But recently Rezz Room created this animesh cat munchkin. An adorable little cat with different colours to choose from.

Pier: Amitie

Hair: Adeline – Mina Hair

Cuffed jeans: Tres Blah

Slouch tee: Tres Blah

Beagle & cat munchkin: Rezz Room

"Sometimes you need to be alone. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy your free time being yourself...."

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