I’m dutch and we dutchies don’t celebrate Halloween in our country. But I make an exception for SL and try to do my best to make a nice and creepy scene for my sponsors.

And…I so love the male and female skeletons, sitting on their pumpkin. This is a new release from DaD for this round of the Uber event. Also in the folder 2 vases with upside down legs, with socks in black/white or black/orange.

The wreath on the door is and the pumpkin centerpiece on the bench are also releases from DaD and can be found in the mainstore.

And there we have Grimelda, the witch of the forest. Who doesn’t scare seeing her in the dark woods? A great new release from Serenity Style, that can also be found at the Uber event.

The funny pumpkins are an older release from Goose and great to use for your Halloween scenes.

Some great items to decorate your land/sim into Halloween and scare your friends.

Welcome home Halloween: DaD @ Uber

Grimeldo, the witch of the forest: Serenity Style @ Uber

Harvest composition: DaD mainstore

Pumpkin family: GOOSE

"Halloween is waiting for you...."


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