A beautiful afternoon @ Nelipot

My dear friends Shake and Lien rebuilt their beautiful sim again into the spring. An awesome sim to explore and make pics (members can rezz).

That’s why I took LM to their sim to blog some of my favorite sponsors/creators. For the Equal event, Amitie released a beautiful set of poses with handbag and coffee cup for us. In the folder you will find a hud to change all parts of the handbag.

The top and skirt are 2 new releases from Tres Blah. De skirt has a nice detail and fitts perfect with the top. Both available in different colours/textures.

And last, but not least…..my dear friend Jay Tedder Murs asked me if I would become blogger for him. I think most of the people who are into the photography on SL, know him from the awesome windlights he makes. This set of new windlights is compatible with the latest EEP versions of Firestorm and Black dragon. To show you the true colours of the windlight, I haven’t editted the pic a lot.

Eva pleated skirt: Tres Blah

Scoop neck top: Tres Blah

Spring shopping bag: Amitie @ Equal 10

Windlight: Clouds Nature 3.0 – Battlescars

"A beautiful afternoon @ Nelipot....."

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