Soul2Soul & DJ.SF

Soul2Soul created a really awesome homeset for us, so beautiful to decorate your home with. A very romantic set for your livingroom and you can change the colours of the cushions and the blanket on the couch

Honey naturals set – Soul2Soul

Honey Naturals Sofa – Fatpack
Honey Naturals Flower Teapot
Honey Naturals Coffee Table
Honey Naturals Books Clutter
Honey Naturals Rug
Honey Naturals Table Lamp
Honey Naturals Side Table
Honey Naturals Flower Basket

The vintage chair is from DJ.SF and available in different wood colours. There’s also a colouor to change the cushion and the blanket on the chair.

Chair: vintage chair – DJ.SF

Rest of the items are from Apple Fall, Dust Bunny and Rezzroom

"Sunny livingroom....."

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