Garden deco…

In this pic I show you 2 new releases from Serneity Style and 1 from GOOSE. For the Man cave event, Serenity Style made this lovely Gilligan Dovecotset for us. The home and the doves are a really nice decoration for your land.

For the new round of Uber, she made this beautiful picnictable with cuddles and solo animations. Also in the set the suitcase with accessory’s that can also be purchased seperately.

In front of the picnic table you see a lovely path of wooden hearts. This is the newest release from GOOSE and can be found at this round of the Cosmopolitan event.


Gilligan Dove set – Serenity Style @ Man Cave

Spring picnic set – Serenity Style @ Uber

Path of Hope – GOOSE @ Cosmopolitan



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