Serenity Style & Ultra – part 3

Serenity Style made some really awesome Christmass items for us for different events. Take the taxi below and find out for yourself, to decorate your home into the beautiful Christmas mood.

For the running round of Ultra, Salacity made this great vintage leather chair called Sotto. This chair comes with 61 animations (single and couple) and 10 static poses.


Chair: Sotto – Salacity @ Ultra

Happy winterset – Serenity Style @ Man Cave

Holiday cake stands – Serenity Style @ Fameshed GO

Fae Christmas Decor




Ultra event – part 2

Today some really awesome new releases from different creators. Bapou made this fur poof in different colors and great single and couples poses. the sexy lingerie outfit is from Hashtag, called Wynter. The long curly hair is the new release from Letiuier.


Fur poof – Bapou @ Ultra

Lingerie: Wynter – Hashtag @ Ultra

Hair: Fofa – Letiuier @ Ultra


Blog2495BAPOU brown pouf bysourcesHashTagWynterLetiuierFofa


Today some really awesome new releases from some great creators on the grid. The Hanna coat is a lovely new release from ZK Fashion. The hair is from No.match, called Carol meets Santa ) comes also with a male version. The shed and the flatable reindeer are from Serenity Style.


Coat: Hanna – ZK @ Vanity event


Hair: Carol meets Santa – No.Match groupsgift

Jessa winter set – Serenity Style for Madpae

Flatable Reindeeer – Serenity Style for LTD Christmas





ZK & Emozione

So very lovely, this new release from ZK, the Kristen nightie with some beautiful lace parts. This sexy nightie can be found at the round of the Seduction Fair.

For the running round of Cosmopolitan, Emozione made some really awesome single and couple poses for us. This one is called “and when the rain begins to fall”.


Outfit: Kristen nightie – ZK @ Seduction Fair

(ZK mainstore)

Pose: And when the rain begins to fall – Emozione @ Cosmopolitan



Fashionnatic & No.match @ Cosmopolitan

2 of my favorite creators who made some great new items for us and available at Cosmopolitan.

Fashionnatic created this awesome outfit called Hanna, pants and a bolero with T-shirt with different colors/textures. No.Match made this awesome hair with bandana, called No.Task.


Outfit: Hanna – Fashionnatic @ Cosmopolitan

Hair: No.Task – No.Match @ Cosmopolitan